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Introduction Hakeem Tariq Mehmood and Monthly Ubqari Magazine Lahore

Introduction Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai

Hakeem Tariq Mahmood is a well known and famous hakeem. He is registered medical practitioner from Pakistan Council. He is also editor of Monthly Ubqar Magazine Lahore. He write more than 159 books.

As well as every Thursday night from the magrib prayer teaching spirituality and bring peace and prayer is specifically mentions the Islamic spirit in the nation to be reinforced. The primary objective of Spirituality and Peace in teaching people closer to God and Muslim world and the Hereafter up many issues and problems of the Quran, and the Prophet's deeds and actions tell.
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Monthly Ubqari Magazine

Monthly Ubqari Magazine is a spiritual magazine. This magazine is published every month. Ubqari is a famous Islamic magazine in Pakistan and all over the world. The first ubqari magazine published in June 2006 from Karachi, Pakistan. Afterword its published from Lahore, Pakistan.


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